Thursday, 14 June 2012

Powerful and Inspiring Graduation Speech by Ellen Degeneres, Tulane University, 2009

If you don’t know Ellen, she is one of the most famous talkshow hosts in the world (right up there with Oprah). She started out as a standup comedian and had her own TV sitcoms back in 1990s to early 200s, though I haven’t seen them before. Her show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, has been won 12 Emmys. Her show and Tyra (Bank)’s shows are part of my inspiration to have my own show in the future too. It’s so incredibly inspiring to see her amazing work and how it has influenced millions of lives around the world.
Ellen’s speech is filled with her trademark characteristics – her wit, humor as well as her dancing (at the end). This is probably the funniest graduation speech ever and the only one where you’ll find the students dancing! :dance: I’m a big fan of Ellen and her work, so naturally I loved her speech here.
“Really when I look back at it I wouldn’t change a thing. I mean it was so important to me to lose everything because I found out what the most important thing is – To be true to yourself. Ultimately that’s what’s gotten me to this place. I don’t live in fear, I’m free, I have no secrets, I know I’ll always be okay because no matter what, I know who I am.” - Ellen

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